Search mission for integrity of Design Education System of India

Since when I graduated from NID in 1982 then after working professionally in reputed Textile Industry as Arvind Mills, Ahmedabad, Jayashree Textiles Kolkotta, where I first introduced Linen Fabric to India. Also worked with Raymond Mills, Thane where I have created various collection of superfine worsted suitings for Domestic and International Market and teaching at NID as a visiting and fulltime faculty. Organized various Fine Art shows at places like Taj Art Gallery, Taj hotel, Bombay, Indore, Ahmedabad and many other places.

Visualization and Reasoning is the passion of my life since childhood. Most of my childhood that I spent was in a small town named Tonk, in Rajasthan. I used to wonder why a student finds it difficult a task for learning design courses and due to this my continuous efforts on research came into being. I came to the conclusion that any common man can learn designing if the faculty of that design institute simplifies the teaching methods and techniques along with versatile languages.

After spending 13 years of my sincere efforts with 20 hours of continuous work daily, all in one direction gave rise to G.I.F.T. where any common learner above 14 years of age without the barrier of language and education background can learn in a much quicker (part time than NID and NIFT). My research revolved totally around NID status design education and worldwide Fashion industries along with Textile. This means I move from scratch to G.I.F.T.

As we are all aware that after food industry the textile and fashion industry is the oldest but my mission is for a better Design Institute, where design education is made as easy as learning ALPHABETS. On the other hand, for one person to run such kind of an education system is a tough task. I would need many supporting hands. To find such abled and dedicated people is not easy, as we have known from the ancient to the present scenario the history shows the sense of intellectual level of a truly passionate, or a born teacher. They stimulate the light of life on time, as they are the best in knowledge sharing, preaching, teaching and they think and work in a direction of the student’s growth by all means, where are they to be found?

Today’s worldwide scenario of the design education is such where people play politics, hiding their weaknesses with hypocrisy or a snobbish attitude. That is the main reason why we remember our “gurus” and “prophets” bowing down to them in continuous posterity. 

“By virtue of god almighty nobody can snatch away your knowledge from yourself till death then why would one not want to live for India, work for India and die for India“
That’s why G.I.F.T. is India’s Design Education.

My research began from the story of Adam and Eve who taught us how to live in a human habitat. Hereafter the story shows the mirror of different textile, art, craft, décor, painting, accessories like jewellery, costumes like ethnic, western, fusion, drape, wrap around of various era and civilization on continuous posterity.

During the 5th century in Greece where artists painted tunic costumes and hairstyle with jewellery and strong decored accessories in fine linen textile.

Further during the 15th century European craftsmen depicted artistically woven tapestry where men and women wear elegant costumes that were draped and in wrap around style

During 18th century the Kangara miniature paintings reflect “The Swing  “ an allegorical Indian classic with ethnic costumes and is an immaculate blend of color, line, pattern and fine transparent textile cover which is entirely in a poetic mood and pattern.

Thereafter Fashion history reflects with minute details, meaningful illustrations, newspaper articles, fashion in boutiques, saloons, theatre, then cinema, costume etc which has been recorded in picture plates, text and now has been made simplified to the learners to understand fashion globally.


The G.I.F.T. mission is better than any other well known institute worldwide where any fresh learner can learn in less time duration at a faster pace for which only G.I.F.T. gives assurance.

To begin with, it becomes necessary to keep fatalism in our vision. Almost 35years ago when NID and IIM were formed, 22 years ago when NIFT was formed, and 13 years ago when G.I.F.T. was formed, none of these above institutes were commonly known to people, but today they are famous because of the deliverance of their graduates who are now well established, Alumini.

 It has been a human tendency where a person has a 1000 ways and ideas about lifting or stealing whatever is within their reach. This is highly prevalent in the present Design Education System. Instead of simply ORIGINATING 10 new ideas the learners of today indulge in the above mentioned false acts.
Why does this quality seem to be lost in today’s learners?
The only answer to this question is that these students or learners have lost the touch of meaningful education where knowledge is bounteous. For any subject the basic of that subject should be understood in detail and that lacks in today’s educational system.

Where learning is made easy which blends with one’s life magnificently, for a healthier and competitive growth of one’s own self in all directions just like a Banyan Tree!

True Design Institutes gain their popularity through word of mouth or the performance of their graduates and also the media to a certain extent whereas fake Design Institutes spend immense amount of money for their survival, ignoring the life of learners who need right guidance.

For above subjects please refer to the detailed information mentioned in the website: www.gift-india.com

India’s true design education means GIFT because is transparent design education Fashion/Apparel or Textile Design course Duration is 850 to 930 Hours. Learn 3hours/day, 6 days/week in under one year and if anyone wants to learn rapid then attain more learning hours/day. By Prof. Khalid A Rafique Founder of Gift Gandhi NGOs, Managing Trustee and Senior Gift NGOs Faculty since 1995. Prof. K.A.R. expertise: NID Graduate, Ex NID Faculty, 25 years working experience in industry such as Arvind mills Ahmedabad Gujarat, Jaya Shree textile linen mills Rishra Kolkata West Bengal, Raymond’s mill Thane Maharashtra, Gujarat spinners and Individual Fine Art shows: Taj Art Gallery Taj Mahal Hotel - Get Way of India Mumbai, Contemporary Gallery and L and P Hutheesing Visual Art Centre Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India. All copyrights reserve by Prof Khalid and Gift: Gandhi Institute of Fashion and Textile.

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