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GIFT: Gandhi Institute of Fashion and Textile is named after Mahatma Gandhi, one of the foremost Architects of Modern India. GIFT is also known by ATOM SIZE GIFT GANDHI NGO Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India

“GIFT Gandhi NGOs Institute” is the only Design Institute, where under professional Design Education Banner is not profit oriented, and GIFT is First Short Term Institute of Design in the world, with its Original Enormous Design Course Abstract, which is not COPY PASTE, plus 34% more learning than known nid/nift status of design institutes globally. GIFT Design Education is TRUE, PURE and ORIGINAL with Lowest CRISTAL FEE along with total learning materials, design folios and designing tools etc, this Facility only Gift provides. Click this link, is for your perusal: www.giftfeestructure.blogspot.com “Means BURDEN LESS Design Education by Gandhi NGOs, GIFT: Gandhi Institute of Fashion and Textile”

This is all developed over years by Prof. Khalid Ameer Rafique’s continuous research/practice/testing at various levels while teaching at NID UG/PG students as a Visiting/Regular Faculty, working professionally at reputed Indian Textile Industries such as Arvind Mills Ahmedabad for designing suiting/shirting and denim fabric, Jaya Shree Textile Linen Mills Rishra near Kolkata, now known as a Unit of Aditya Birla Nuvo Ltd where developed product brand “Linen Garden” and PIONEER of apparel flax-linen fabric designing in India as such linen apparel textile fabric surface/texture and textile ornamental design as like prints/woven/embroidery/handloom dobby checks/over dyed and industrial textile as flame retardant fabric for curtain, upholstery and flooring, canvas etc, Raymond’s Mills Thane Maharashtra for designing worsted suiting’s and tweed fabric, Durries Hand Knotted Carpet and Namda [Hand Made Felt in Tonk Rajasthan and Artisans alliance Jawaja Beawer Khas Ajmer District Rajasthan for yarn dyeing/handloom durries weaving with guide line of First Executive Director of NID Shri Ashok Chatterji/Textile Faculty Shri Khurma Rao ji and IIM First Working Director late Shri Ravi John Matthai in 1978-79 as a NID Student under Handloom Weaving Craft development and continue since till date, Gujarat spinners Amletha Gujarat, Textile marketing experience for domestic Indian and overseas Europe, USA and Canadian market, Individual Fine Arts Shows in ‘TAJ ART GALLERY’ TAJ MAHAL HOTEL near Gateway of India Mumbai [Bombay] Maharashtra, L & P Hutheesing Visual Art Centre and Contemporary Art Gallery in Ahmedabad, Khalid Ameer Rafique Textile Tessellation/flowing floral Prints, Apparel, Woven Design Fabric/Flooring/Textile Made ups and Fashion/Life Accessories Shows in Beyond Gallery Ahmedabad.

With vast versatile expertise and experience Prof. Khalid has developed new and various verily different design subjects module for Gift education, which links to each others in favour of Fashion/Apparel/Textile Design Education and for appropriate industry which he vigorously experimented altogether at different times/level with Fresher’s, School Students, Graduates, Home-makers/house-wife, Fine-Arts Students, Artist, Designers, Entrepreneurs, Design and School Teachers successfully in over the Years through empirical process with methodical practice while individually teaching, where Age/Education/Language was not Hurdle factors in testing and evaluation of design course module, then after Prof. KAR OPEN DOOR for Atom Size Gift Design Education in 1995 and since then he is the Senior Faculty of Gift. Atom Size Gift provides egos less good quality of design education which designing world reorganizes, even though Gift does not provide Branded top and best style of extra facilities on campus like other institute of design in different province/zone of India provides as in Ahmedabad, Jaipur, New Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Kolkata, Chennai, Gandhi Nagar, Hyderabad, Kochi, Chandigarh and North East states etc that is why Gift students save on learning Time/Money and appropriate more good learning. Example: “Gift makes Fresh Learners/Students in very First 16 hours Textile Surface Designer” Then think about Gift foundation course learning in 35 to 40 working days, then how much Gift Fresh Student will learn. “Think about 850 hrs to 930 hrs of Fashion or Textile Design learning in Gift, means they hortatory complete learning with authority and Gift Students future life emblem”

Gift Students are intelligent or lucky but certainly not ‘FOOLISH’, when they want to join Gift design education for learning, as they seen/read in www.gift-india.com and Gift Google blogs, their believes and gathered understanding about Gift design education, certainly develop more strong FAITH in Gift after joining, simply when fresh learner finds happening in the very First Week as mentioned on Gift website

Fashion/Apparel or Textile Design learning time duration in Gift is 850 to 930 hours along with partly free add up design courses through which authoritative learning gets complete on time, plus 34% more learning than known design institutes with status like nid/nift and “that too in short time/part time in Gift” than what else design students need in India. Gift objectives, missions and educational goal is to govern transparent and Good Design Educational results in short term/part time than world known design institutes/colleges/schools their regular design course, and when Gift achieved the goal with GIFT students, then Gift NGO notified through PUBLIC NOTICE in leading Gujarat daily news paper Gujarat Samachar in Ahmedabad Dated 28th August Wednesday 2002, which no institutes deny till date as in Ahmedabad, Gujarat and elsewhere in India.

Gift takes in between 25 to 34 students a year and if more students for Textile then less number intake, not like other known Branded Design Institutes, where they takes 100 to 200 students a year and they do not have appropriate Industry Experience Honest/Modest Quality of Teachers, Faculties, Craft Persons, Technicians and Skilful helping staff for their students as like Gift Gandhi NGOs. No doubt Gift is very supportive as in individual teaching design education and makes successful Entrepreneurs and professionals with true commercial Ethics, which basically India needs as on today. Think only for Gift design education, which is GOOD and verily more GOOD onwards

Bank Loan for Design Education and how to pay back:
If Gift student takes a study/education loan for Fashion/Apparel or textile design from financial institution/bank such as Bank of Baroda, State Bank of India, Indian Bank, Bank of India, Union Bank, Central Bank, HDFC Bank, ICICI Bank, Cooperative banks, Industrial Development Bank, Punjab National Bank, Commercial Bank or any other bank with 14% interest as an example, then their pay back interest per month will not be above Rs.2000/- dated year 2015, or see each year Gift Fee Structure for perusal. If known branded design institute students takes loan for 4 to 5 years, approximately Rs.25 Lacks in break up installment each year, than their payback amount with compound interest after completing education is above Rs.39000/- per month, and more for principle loan amount. Gift Students first job initial salary begins anywhere between Rs.15 to Rs.25 thousand per month or more, if branded design institute’s students gets almost same or little more than Gift students, then how they will pay back the loan amount. These branded institutes handsome promises in the beginning and not showing detail white paper to their design education/students and after graduation, their students face in life indignation, sorrow and negation from initial working in industry. Think? Think only for GIFT: Gandhi Institute of Fashion and Textile Ahmedabad, means best choice for design education. GIFT is also known by Institute of Design, Institute of Fashion/Apparel Design, Institute of Textile Design, Institute of Fashion, Institute of Textile, because Gift each education discipline is equal to Institution.

“Atom Size Gift Gandhi NGOs Design Education of Ahmedabad does not have Branches”
From where Gift will have Good Teachers like Gift NGOs, sorry for no branches of Khalid Gift in other location of India but others can learn from Prof. Khalid Ameer Rafique Google Blogs FREE.
“Certainly Prof. Khalid Ameer Rafique would like to have Gift Franchise in India for which good NGOs and honest Indians should send a requisite”
For admission norms and fee structure click this link www.giftfeestructure.blogspot.com
Gift Social Media Bounding: https://www.facebook.com/pages/GiftGandhi-Institute-of-Fashion-and-Textile/174406519284046


India’s true design education means GIFT, because is transparent design education Fashion/Apparel or Textile Design course Duration is 850 to 930 Hours. Learn 3 hours/day and 6 days/week in under one year and if anyone wants to learn rapid then attain more learning hours/day. By Prof. Khalid A Rafique Founder of Gift Gandhi NGOs, Managing Trustee and Senior Gift NGOs Faculty since 1995. Prof. K.A.R. expertise: NID Graduate, Ex NID Faculty, 25 years working experience in industry such as Arvind mills Ahmedabad Gujarat, Jaya Shree textile linen mills Rishra Kolkata West Bengal, Raymond’s mill Thane Maharashtra, Gujarat spinners and Individual Fine Art shows: Taj Art Gallery Taj Mahal Hotel - Get Way of India Mumbai, Contemporary Gallery and L and P Hutheesing Visual Art Centre Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India. All copyrights reserve by Prof Khalid and Gift: Gandhi Institute of Fashion and Textile.
“See and read more about Gift Gandhi NGOs Design Education, click here”
GIFT: Gandhi Institute of Fashion and Textile is always remains in favour of Gift student’s professional future confidently working, growing, learning and practicing under Gift NGOs “SWAY”. Gift will never make Fobbing Brand Design Education and unaffordable for fellow Indian students. No doubt Gift quality of design education will keep improving updating as Indian industry requires. “If you are a Gift Student, you will save more than 16 to 25 lacks in India, and in overseas above 50 lacks/design course, in Indian Rupees and years of learning, and establish yourself much ahead in life as a DESIGNER than branded design school/institute/college students with Good design knowledge and designing skills.

Indian Management School/College/Institute/Design Management Institutes/Schools are teaching, saying ‘Jo Dikhta Hi, Wo Bikta Hi’ [what one sees, one buys], can we buy as to our liking National Monuments, Others Buildings/Things and Celebrities. Indians Life is not saleable as consumer product. “Make them competitive by Design or any other Professional Education like GIFT: Gandhi Institute of Fashion and Textile, NGOs”

‘Our Indian masses are simple/innocent, kindly do not Fob and Cheat them by Branding Education’ If they all become fob and cheater than where India will stand after few years, think?

Gift Students almost 50% are from Ahmedabad or from close by cities, remaining are from united India or overseas like NRI, when they are on vacation to India. “Gift Gandhi NGOs Design Education as much more transparent and good than Branded Design Education and certainly Gift Design Education cannot be Fobs and Choppers” because is open and transparent to the world.

“India’s Economy is stable due to daily wagers/wanders/skilful labours/small peoples/ service class/formers/light and heavy vehicle drivers/any machine operators/small entrepreneurs/ mechanics/industry workers/true teachers/good doctors/good professionals etc because their small earning is rotating in market and they pays taxes on each purchase for their everyday living but few countable big typhoon industrialists and institutions are monitoring their funds/money in a way which they rotates and controls Indian industries capital share market and investor live lavishly, think? This no one can deny our INDIAN ECONOMIES TRUTH”. Believing in God is our successes, due to God and our hard work which feed us, not industrialist/economist/educationist/politicians or overseas investors. Gift entrepreneurs are part of Indian Economies very few small pillars and this is Gift design education successes.
Why other funded Design Institutes of our nation are not like a Gift NGOs because their teachers are not sensitive’s for student’s growth as like Gift faculty but they are good Guide, Mentor, psychiatrist, psychologist, friendly and with good human understanding power etc as they claim, then why thy scold/threaten them while teaching and their students are not getting good appropriate JOBS, this shows their hypocrisies and brain less job justice or may be unfit for teaching professional uncouth or may be 100% selfish greedy and fobs. Accountable teachers like Gift, built the nation ‘note this’ and be accountable Indian. Gift will Salute you as like Navik wash The Feet of Rama’s and same drank.
Atom size GIFT NGO has been launched dated 05th October 1995, in order to create a platform for those who wish to learn designing with no barriers of educational background, age and language. GIFT: Gandhi Institute of Fashion and Textile is known for quality of short term design/designing education in world and Gift Gandhi NGOs professional design educational is Non Commercial too while learning and practising at Gift as a student’s but students can commercialize their learnt design work, which is permitted as per Gift policies. Gift Graduates are 100% Commercial in professional practice for all segments of Textile and Fashion/Apparel Market, because they never shun away from any hard labour work/skill work/designing or any small/big work and this is basic education taught in GIFT: Gandhi Institute of Fashion and Textile.

Gift Gandhi NGOs ideology of imparting skillful knowledge from Basic to Advance Level on individual basis to Gift students, honestly in the simplest simplified manner and that makes easier for each student to learn design subjects with its versatile derivative similitude within Atom Size Gift Gandhi NGOs Institute enormous design course abstract, which is immense, vast, biggest, huge, large, wide, module and true idiom of short term, part time design education programme, which is learnt by students with authority to practice professionally in future. GIFT: Gandhi Institute of Fashion and Textile Design Education is 34% more than nid and nift status design Institutes in India and other nation like UK, USA, Canada, Australia, France Paris, Italy, New Zealand and other part of Europe, Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, Japan and other part of Asia, South Africa and North America too. Learning time in atom size Gift is 850 to 930 hours for each major design course of Gift and this is Gift Education Deliverance emblem and with this Gift will be completing 20 years in October 2015.

Gift Design Education is more popular and famous in world, because quality of design education. According to Gift Educational Teaching Methods, Missions, Objectives and Policies along with students learning time scheduled choice flexibility, which remain same as any 3 hours/day, 6 days/week, in between 11am to 7 pm or 10 30 am to 6 30 pm fixed as from admission time and date in under one year and if anyone want to learn rapid, they can, while attending more hours a day in Gift, which is suitable for outstation/overseas/NRI students and FEE REMAIN same. When Gift good learning of Gift students gets complete for Fashion/Apparel or Textile Design in 850 to 930 hours with authority in a year then that many Entrepreneurs India will Have

Gift Fashion/Apparel or Textile Design learning is emblem due to up-gradation each year in Gift Design subjects/course abstract as industry needs along with computer software added facilities as per Gift Gandhi NGOs Educational policies for teaching individually, technically/practically, skillfully, 100% demonstratively in Gift Classroom workshop style design studio, each learning day to all learners and for this GIFT learning fee is Peanuts and see update details in fee structure Gift link www.giftfeestructure.blogspot.com

Gift Gandhi NGOs Ahmedabad follows the meaningful result oriented true design educational system, while talking about professionalism, then concept of self-reliance comes in, which means one has to practice “LEARN and EARN” in same profession and that too “BURDEN LESS” without Home Work.

Magnetizing art through the sorcerer’s splashing of wonderful thoughts, With meaningful abstract ideas of human brain and heart, As like a clever crow’s mind sort, Like a directional continuous tortoise walk, Without a giving up attitude as like confused fox, That gives a way to GIFT Gandhi NGOs students. -By. Prof. Khalid Ameer Rafique Mohammed Rafique Husain Fateh Ali. Managing trustee, faculty and founder of GIFT: Gandhi Institute of Fashion and Textile Ahmedabad.

“Atom Size Gift Gandhi NGOs is overall hortatory conscious and patience fully conquest, while descriptively guiding through design education for exotic futuristic to Gift learners/students growth since 1995 and this adroit hold sway idiom willed mission path of Gift design education Have no END”

Years of learning in NID and many years working in all reputed Textile industry such as Arvind Mills Ahmedabad, Jaya Shree Textile Linen Mills Rishra West Bengal, Raymond’s Mills Thane, Gujarat Spinners Amletha Gujarat, Handloom Sector Beawer Khas Ajmer and Non woven textile Tonk in Rajasthan, many years NID Visiting Faculty, NID Regular faculty, Fine Arts Shows in Taj Mahal Hotel Mumbai [Bombay] Contemporary Gallery, L and P Hutheesing Visual Art Centre Ahmedabad and Textile/Apparel professional show in beyond gallery Ahmedabad my this long experience gurney with continuous search of new useful modest design subjects beside that what is learnt in NID as a student and found many, many very useful fresh and new design subjects and from its gathered knowledge which I utilize in testing practice years with various level of learners age from 14 to 52 years with different segments of learners, such as school/college students, graduates, housewife/homemakers, painters, doctors, dancer, sport persons, singers, designers, design students etc in teaching design education before Gift and its continue repeated testing when I achieved Good Results from learners, then my mission “GIFT GANDHI NGOs” swiftly swing in action and doors open for GIFT: Gandhi Institute of Fashion and Textile design education on 5th October 1995.

I have given to GIFT MISSION above 25 years golden era of my young life in favour to my fellow Indian learners and my gain is PEACE OF MIND which is beyond any calculation in terms of loss, gain and growth. And that is due to the God Almighty. Thanks to those entire world where I was associated in past and their kind behaviour work wise or human/social cause in life to me for unknown idea of Gift with time.

Gift is a mirror of design education as like transparent crystal water and that essence spreads through gift Gandhi learners, Google blogs and many gift Gandhi ahmedabad web site in favour of global learners.

Note: The “Almighty GOD” has given you sight and hearing power with intelligence, use as appropriately require for your understanding and you will never face difficulties in life, so draw your conclusions in atom size Gift Gandhi Institute design education.

Does true education need branding? Above 90% of Indian education is not branded. Does that mean 90% Indian education is no education according to present branded education scenario?
Does that mean after spending 25 to 34 Lacks Rupees within 3 to 5 years learning designing Diploma or Degree from as status like nid or nift design institute in India or Overseas will get you decent respectable job with good salary package. INSECURITY INSANE and JOB FOBBING without Design Skills and Knowledge for livelihood, is Happening in most Design Students LIFE, because they might not have selected for learning Right Design Institute like GIFT: Gandhi Institute of Fashion and Textile, which is also known by Atom Size Gift Gandhi NGOs or maybe they did not value of their learning time. “Design Education is far from Reality in almost many known or unknown design institutes”

Note: As weaker is higher authority on position of Director/HOD/HRD or Admin, they always want their subordinates weaker and foolish then them, as philosophically true partly by leviathan and Indian morel story of one eye king, that is why design education is collapsing each day in funded design institutes. That is why GIFT is different where each working person of Gift Gandhi NGOs is pillars for Gift foundation

Branding Education with Extras is all about PACKAGING EDUCATION as providing outer covering of Good Infrastructure, Perfect Ambience, and All Round Facilities as like Auditorium, Refreshment Zone, Display Rooms, Exhibition Hall, Lush Green Surrounding, Five Star style happening etc as educational/non educational kinds of activities. No doubt their students cannot carry the Branded Extras and Branded Campus with them after completion/graduation. Certainly Students will carry the gain knowledge and skills if they possessed, otherwise they will cry with foolish memories of which they uselessly spent time while learning and not thought of future, then why abuse the branded education, because it was their/your choice. Join GIFT: Gandhi Institute of Fashion and Textile and live well after Gift design education

50 Years ago to build educational institution was tough task but TEACHERS were born and were available in India and today opening educational institutions are very easy task but from where one can find Good Honest Modest Down to Earth Knowledgeable TEACHER?
GIFT: Gandhi Institute of Fashion and Textile believes in actual design education, not in extra like others. Gift NGOs believes in NO FRILLS.....elective design subjects as per student’s choice.....in teaching and students learning policy. Is all about the willingness to learn by Gift students and Gift faculty passion to teach beyond design course abstract, means more knowledge for learning design subjects in Gift. Note: Gift Learners can sale their learnt work in class room in appropriate market and earn decently while learning “Believes in Gift Education” This is Gift 20 years Practice in Design Education since 5th October 1995.

Atom Size Gift Gandhi NGOs will give detail before joining GIFT NGOs design education for all Gift design course abstract with appropriate information of design courses 100 pages book of more text along with art work, design plates, photograph and Gift Graduates Alumni Directory to understand of Gift transparent design education. For more detail see Gift Gandhi Institute Google Blogs.

Note:Gift Ahmedabad Gujarat India Design Education Provides total learning materials, arts stationeries, designing tools/machines, folios etc in house, because this is included in fees as Gift Policies.

Note:Always learn partly free Gift ADD UP design courses such as Fashion/Life Accessory, Home Fashion Textile Decor and Jewellery Design with fashion/Apparel design or Textile Design. For more details read admission norms and polices or Gift Gandhi Google Blogs. To avail this facility learner should be regular for learning accepts few occasions such as exam/sick/home front leave, for detail check Gift educational Policy.

Believe in Gift Gandhi NGOs Design Education and Join Gift for Learning and built the Nation
“Gift is Known today due to transparent Design education, Prof. Khalid NID Design Education and Gift Design Education is closer to appropriate industry”
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